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Yesterday, I had the pleasure to met and chat with Angel. He is The Pizza Bike, a Bulgarian guy on his orange magical bicycle, selling the most bizarre pizzas here and there.  

GLPCB: Tell us a little bit about the story of your life. Why did you come and how long have you been in the UK? 
THE PIZZA BIKE: The short version of the story is that I have been travelling quite a lot. I have been in the UK for 4 years so far. I am originally from Bulgaria but I have been living abroad for the last 10 years, some of which in the USA. I settled down in Bath now. I studied Tourism at the university but I am a professional tourist (he laughs).

Angel came up with a very original business opportunity that 'is fully independent, produces minimum waste and encourages people to spend more time out in the wild enjoying nature and eating well'.

GLPCB: I am curious... when and how did the idea of The Pizza Bike come up?
THE PIZZA BIKE: Well... for the last two years, I have been mountain biking with friends and we used to bring a portable bbq many times. Last year, I wised I could be able to cook something outdoors a little bit more elaborated like a pizza. So, I started thinking on how I could do that. First, I tried putting a ceramic tile in one of the bbqs... and had been able to make a few pizzas. Once this worked, I wanted to find a way to incorporate it to the bike and I manage to create a prototype. Then, I brought the prototype to the Harbour Festival last year and this was how it started. 

The Pizza Bike is a project of two people now. Angel, who is the ideator of the project and Ana, who has recently joined the Pizza Bike and is here to stay.

GLPCB: How does this second person, Ana, join the project?
THE PIZZA BIKE: That is very funny, actually. Even though I could sell pizas on my own, I think The Pizza Bike is a two-"men"'s project so I put an advertisement on the Facebook group "Españoles en Bristol" and Ana was the first one to reply. She happens to be an artist, she a master in Fine Arts, she like photography, she likes the project... so I told her "Welcome on-board!". 

GLPCBHow was the response of the customers at the beginning?
THE PIZZA BIKE: It is amazing so far. My friends and family, they know about the project since the beginning, and even then they were not quite sure it could work. In February, I went to Victoria Park with some friends to try The Pizza Bike and as it was supposed to be a cloudy day, we assumed we would be alone... but it happened to be beautiful day, the park was packed. People in the park were curious and came to see what was going on, how it worked. So, it ended up being a good day!

The Pizza Bike is powered by pedal power, fire and electricity and it has an award winning portable pizza oven, pizzas can be made in just about 2 minutes and pizzas are cooked right in front of you. The Pizza Bike accepts major credit cards at no extra charge.

GLPCB: The bike looks very attractive. Have you designed the whole oven-bike yourself?
THE PIZZA BIKE: Yes. I started in November, properly getting all the bits and pieces. At the beginning I was thinking that I could get somebody to build it for me. So, I contacted a few shops that were doing this kind of bikes and the guy in one of the shops replied saying that they couldn't take the project as they didn't think it was safe. And, then it's when I realised that I definitely needed to build it myself (he laughs, again). Designing websites is my hobby as well. So, I have done all the graphics of the website too.

GLPCBIt looks impressive to be able to reach high temperatures with a portable oven...
THE PIZZA BIKE: It is! I found that oven last Autumn. I just saw it and though "Ok, this is exactly what I need!". So, I bought the oven, I tested it and it was perfect for the purpose. The company is doing the oven as a new project and it is a clever design. It can reach 450C in about 20 minutes, it's just crazy. It's one of those products that really works. 

The Pizza Bike offers three completely different types of pizza: the Italian classic Marguerita (£6), the American styled Pepperoni (£7) and some Spanish taste Sobrasadita (£8). Additionally, he also has a Cheesy Garlic Bread (£1.99). 

GLPCBWhich one of the three is the most popular among British people?
THE PIZZA BIKE: It is difficult to say... but I think the Margerita is the most popular among British people. But I am insisting on how special the Sobrasadita is, I think this will be popular once people start getting to know it.

All pizzas are made from scratch with no added extraterrestrial chemicals or flavours. In order to ensure the best quality possible, all ingredients are fresh and organic, sourced from local suppliers and traders. Sourdough is used to make dough instead of using yeast or baking soda, and the toppings are also high quality: Italian buffalo mozzarella, pepperoni, Sobrasada from Mallorca, Casadermot's Chorizo, Cheddar cheese from Somerset, olives, hot jalapeño peppers... 

GLPCB: Are you planning on incorporating new toppings in the near future? Maybe a British-style pizza?
THE PIZZA BIKE: Actually, I am thinking about doing something for breakfast, something with bacon and cheese. I have a couple of ideas but first, I need to start going.

According to the website, he has been in Keynsham last weekend, you can find him in Green Park Station (Bath) every Tuesday and Friday in April and May, and  and he will be in Glastonbury Market next weekend. 

GLPCB: I have noticed that you move around the South West area quite a lot. Do you have any plans to settle down in one same place?
THE PIZZA BIKE: I applied at some markets and I am waiting for replies. For example, I will be in Bath for the following 6 weeks in Green Park Station. In May, I am going to be in Bristol during the weekends in the Harbourside Market. I will also be in Cardiff... and for July/August, I am not sure yet.

So, Bristolians! We will have the chance to try his special pizzas from 10th May on at the Harbourside Market! Yuuuummmm... 

0741 547 4298

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Pictures were borrowed from The Pizza Bike website. ;)
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